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We are willing to establish trade relations with your company.
b. 我们希望与您建立业务往来。
Please allow us to express our hope of opening an account with you.
c. 我公司经营电子产品的进出口业务,希望与贵方建立商务关系。
This corporation is specialized in handing the import and exports business in electronic products and wishes to enter into business relations with you.
a. 请容我们自我介绍,我们是……首屈一指的贸易公司。
Let us introduce ourselves as a leading trading firm in…
b. 本公司经营这项业务已多年,并享有很高的国际信誉。
Our company has been in this line of business for many years and enjoys high international prestige.
c. 我们的产品质量一流,我们的客户一直把本公司视为最可信赖的公司。
  Our products are of very good quality and our firm is always regarded by our customers as the most reliable one.
a. 我们从……获知贵公司的名称,不知贵公司对这一系列的产品是否有兴趣。
Your name has been given by…and we like to inquire whether you are interested in these lines.
b. 我们新研制的……已推出上市,特此奉告。
We are pleased to inform you that we have just marketed our newly-developed….
c. 我们盼望能成为贵公司的……供应商。
We are pleased to get in touch with you for the supply of….
d. 我们的新产品刚刚推出上市,相信您乐于知道。
You will be interested to hear that we have just marketed our new product.
e. 相认您对本公司新出品的……会感兴趣。
  You will be interested in our new product…….
a. 我们对贵方的新产品……甚感兴趣,希望能寄来贵公司的产品目录及价目表。
  We are interested in your new product…and shall be pleased to have a catalog and price list.
b. 我们从纽约时报上看到贵公司的广告,但愿能收到产品的价目表及详细资料。
We have seen your advertisement in The New York Times and should be glad to have your price lists and details of your terms.
c. 获知贵公司有……已上市,希望能赐寄完整的详细资料。
We hear that you have put…on the market and should be glad to have full details.
d. 如蒙赐寄贵公司新产品的详细资料,我们将深表感激。
We should appreciate full particulars of your newly developed product.
e. 如蒙赐寄有关……的样品和价目表,我们将甚为感激。
  We should be obliged if you would send us patterns (or samples)and price lists of your…

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a. 很高兴寄你一邮包,内装……
We are pleased to send you by parcel post a package containing…
b. 欣寄我方目录,提供我方各类产品的详细情况。
  We have pleasures in sending you our catalogue, which gives full information about our various products.
c. 欣然奉上我方产品样品,在贵方展厅展出。
  We should be pleased to let you have samples to give a demonstration at your premises.
d. 为使贵方对我方各种款式的手工艺品有一初步了解,今航邮奉上我方目录和一些样品资料,供您们参考。
  In order to give you some idea of various qualities of handicrafts we carry, we have    pleasure in forwarding you by airmail one catalogue and a few sample books for your    perusal.
a. 随函附上本公司新出品的……样品,请查收。
You will find enclosed with this letter a sample of new….
b. 随函附上购货合同第××号两份,希查收,谅无误。请会签并退我方一份备案。
  Enclosed please find two copies of Purchase Contract No.…,which we trust will be found in order. Kindly sign and return one copy for our file.
c. 我们很高兴地附上询价单第××号,请贵方报离岸价格。
We have pleasure in enclosing our file.
d. 我们确认向贵方购买……,随函附上订单确认书供参照。
  We confirm having purchased from you ….A confirmation order is enclosed for your reference.
a. 我们深盼与英国公司接洽,希望成为其销售代理商之一。
We are anxious to contact some British firms with a view to acting as their selling angents.
b. 如蒙考虑担任销售你们……代理商,我们将十分高兴。
  We should be glad if you would consider our application to act as agents for the sale of your…
a. 兹函请提供……的报价。
We are writing to invite quotations for the supply of….
b. 请将定期供应……之报价赐知。
Please let us have a quotation for the regular supply for….
c. 请将下列货品的最低价格赐知。
Kindly quote us your lowest prices for the goods listed below.
a. 随函寄上询价单一份。
We are enclosing here with an inquiry sheet.
b. 如果贵方对……感兴趣,请告具体询价。
If you are interested in our…,please let us know with a specific inquiry.
c. 一收到贵方具体询价单,我方马上航空邮上样品册并报价。
  Quotations and sample books will be airmailed to you upon re

www.pxzj8.com ceipt of your specific inquiry.
a. 我们发现你方报价比我们从其他地方收到的略为偏高,请你方降价,以适应竞争。
We find your quotation slightly higher than those we have received from other sources, and ask you to reduce your price to meet the competition.
b. 我们很抱歉地通知你方价格无竞争力,若贵方能降低价格,使我方可接受的话,我们仍对交易感兴趣。
We’re sorry to inform you that your price has been found uncompetitive, but we’re still interested in doing business if you can bring down your price to a level acceptable. 商务信函常用语一文由-www.pxzj8.com或搜集整理,版权归作者所有,转载请注明出处!


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